Sunday, March 1, 2009

Selling a House

I was surfing for house porn (aka MLS) yesterday and stumbled across an great house for a great price. It's too good to be true. We've very interested but I'm daunted about the concept about selling our current house. I've never done sold a house before and to be honest I'm a bit afraid. If we do move it will be a big lifestyle change. From city to country although both DH and I grew up in the country. So what do you think? Should we visit it?

I'm looking for advice and encouragment if anyone has anything to share.


  1. If it's something you really want you should at least check it out and look in to the possibility. My husband and I experimented with moving back to Texas. Getting the house ready for sale was a LOT of work but we put it on the market and moved to Texas for 6 months. The house didn't sell and my husband got a better job offer back in Florida so things actually worked out okay in the end. It might not have been the end we were initially expecting but we did explore the opportunity that we had so we will never wonder "what if"

  2. I know the feelings of wanting something nicer but being afraid to sell. we bought our first house a few years ago, and the thought of selling at somepoint seems just daunting. but if you really love the other house, maybe you just go for it?