Saturday, January 24, 2009

ByNanasHands "CPSIA Inspired" listing

I blogged about Ozarknana and ByNanasHands on a Fabulous Finds Friday a few weeks ago. Today she posted in her blog about Etsy and the CPSIA law.

Check out her CPSIA Inspired listing.

Quoting from the listing:

Based on the new CPSIA law which goes into effect on February 10, 2009, and using the current costs quoted for testing this tool box will sky rocket to $10,940.00!

My Tool for Tots Tool Box has a grand total of 26 "different" follows:
* 6 different fabrics
* 17 different embroidery and regular sewing threads
* 1 kind of interfacing
* 1 hypoallergenic polyfil stuffing
* 1 length of belt webbing for handle

At $70 PER COMPONENT for lead testing, that adds $1,820.00 to the cost.

PLUS each of the 26 components need to be tested for phthalates at $350 per component which adds an additional $9,100.00, total with the actual cost, $10,940.00. That is the "true" cost of what the Tools for Tots tool box WILL BE AFTER FEBRUARY 10, 2009.

Many Etsians have posted similar CPSIA Inspired listings. To find them under Handmade search CPSIA and click price to sort by price. The highest price ones are what items will cost if the law goes into effect. The lowest priced ones are Etsians who are selling off their stock and getting out of the children business if not competely closing their shops. Tragic.

For further informaiton see:


  1. Thank you Angela for posting this. The more people that know about this ill thought out law the better. Please contact your representatives and question this law....we are NOT the instigators of the reason this law was created....lead laced toys, manufactured by U.S. companies outsourcing to China. United States companies whose "bottom line" is more important than the health of our children...

  2. I love these, don't think I'd be able to aford them if the price goes up! Great way to protest