Monday, February 16, 2009

How I got my nickname

My new goal is to try to talk about myself a little more in my blog. I have the stereotypical Mom sydrome, I live for everyone else, and me and my needs are last. Can you relate?

Today I'm going to talk about how I got my nickname. Spots. Way back in grade 6 I did a project on dogs. I had to choose a breed, research it, and give a report. I almost choose the schnauzer but instead choose the dalmatian and an obsession was born. That day I decided I wanted a dalmatian in my life. My parents, on the other hand, were mutt lovers and would not condone a purbred dog. So I found the most dalmatian looking mutt I could find. His name was Dab (dalmatian x lab). He was well loved and just passed away a few months ago.

It wasn't until I finished school, got married and got a home of our own when I finally brought a dalmatian into my life. Her name is Bella, short for Brightspot Bell of the Ball. She is a part of our family, and out chasing squirrels as I type. She is just waiting for the weather to warm up so she can sun herself on the deck once again.

So in short, my nickname Spots came from my life long obsession with dalmatians.

How did you get your nickname?


  1. Hi Spots~

    Dab and Bella are adorable!And what a charming story of how you and your dogs got nicknames. I don't have a nickname so I can't share in this story, but I do relate to finding it challenging to share about myself. Good job! I'm looking forward to more :)

    I found your blog via the etsy forum.


  2. Hi Spots
    Dogs are such wonderful companions. We have a little dog Shih-tzu called Mister. My daughter has a passion for dogs. I think one day when she gets married she'll have a photo just like yours with your Dab.