Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Collection - Children's books

Do you collect anything? I do. My most recent collection is children's books, but not just any children's books, ones about dalmatians. Most of them have come from second hand shops and garage sales. I admit I have 3 copies of one book. I'm always amazed how each book has a different version of the same story. Even the Disney ones can very widely between them. Of course all the Disney versions, movies included, barely resemble the origional book (a novel). I have a love hate relationship with Disney. I hate that they are a huge corporate organization who will do anything to make money, but I love their stories.
If you ever see a children's book about dalmatians and the price is right (less than $1) pick it up for me and I'll happily pay you back, shipping included.

So what do you collect? I'd luv to know.


  1. I would love to collect one hindred dollar bills but, I collect tea cups and saucers for now :)

  2. I collect Scrapbook paper! Expensive hobby. I love it though. I love your background! I got mine there too.